Labels that support blind and partially sighted people

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It is easy to forget that blind and visually impaired people have great difficulty in undertaking tasks that fully sighted people think nothing of. With some 2 million people in the United Kingdom alone having some level of visual impairment, it's clear why the EMEA has introduced legislation which requires labelling in Braille on the secondary packaging of virtually all pharmaceutical products. This labelling requirement will no doubt be expanded to include many other products and organisations who include Braille on their business cards and other literature will be giving out a message about their commitment to meeting the needs of these visually impaired people.

Braille labels are powerful things and often attracts the visually impaired consumer to buy a product. With such a large group of visually impaired people it makes great business sense to communicate your message to them when perhaps your competitors don't.

These special labels offer unlimited possibilities for making a statement that is noticed every time. Braille printing on a label makes a statement about your product and organisation and adds a new element to design and security and enhances your brand integrity.

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